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20% off Music Designs

Discounts for musicians or bands design or artwork

I enjoy the creativity that goes into designing music related artwork so I’m offering 20% off for musicians or bands.


Quote the discount code ‘E-A_music‘ when placing your order to receive the discount. This covers websites, cd cover artwork, merchandise design or gig posters.

20% off Sport Designs

Board or bike design and illustration discount image

I’d like to create more artwork / illustrations for bikes and boards so I’m offering 20% off the first design.


Quote the discount code ‘E-A_bikes/boards‘ when placing your order to receive the discount. Suitable for use on skate, surf, snow and any other type of board or bike.

10% off for Referrals

I’d like to give 10% off* to anyone making a referral.


Simply contact me to let me know of the referral and I’ll give you the discount on your next design.
*The referral must become a completed and paid project for the referral offer to be claimed.
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About me

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Brighton, UK who can provide an extensive range of design solutions for you and your business.
I’ve been working as a graphic designer in both print and web design for over 15 years and have never stopped learning or striving to broaden my knowledge of art and design. This includes learning new techniques or methods and also keeping up with the latest software which allows me to produce the best possible artwork while keeping me motivated to push great design further.
I like to keep inspired and challenged with my designs. I guess that’s why I’ve been lucky enough to work with so many varied and interesting clients.
I prefer not to follow fads in design but rather to keep pushing myself to create exceptional and visually arresting imagery that is somewhat unique without replicating what other graphic designers are doing.
With my web design I focus predominantly on a great looking website that is functional and fun to use. Each web site project allows me to create something that is fresh, exciting and tailored to your individual needs.

I like to keep things personal so that there is a friendly working relationship. The longer we work together, the more productive we’ll be.
This is because everyone is an individual and as I get to know you (the client) by us working together, I will learn your personal style and preferences, making all work we do together a relaxing and intuitive process.

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I have recently been featured as a Top Freelance Graphic Designer in the UK. :)